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Racket Restringing

We offer racket restringing for our players and people in the Sunningdale, Ascot, and White Waltham areas. We offer a variety of strings described below and submit the form at the end to get details about getting your racket restrung.

Tennis strings 

Putting the right string in your racket can improve your game. If you don't have a preferred string or your own string please look at the description of the strings below that we stock and choose which one you prefer. You can also talk with the coaches about what string and tension would best suit you as changing the tension can improve the power or spin of your shots.

Babolat rpm blast.jpg

Babolat RPM Blast 

Babolat RPM Blast brings heavy spin and maximum control to your game. The design of RPM blast gives better sliding between strings for more spin and a combination of power and feel. Can be hard on your arm and not recommended for beginner players. Polyester Mono Filament.

Price: £31.00 per racket


Wilson Sensation

Wilson Sensation is a multifilament string for power and comfort. The string offers a similar feel and appearance to the natural gut at a fraction of the price. It can be more arm friendly with dampening vibrations. Ideal for newer players and looking for comfort but still power. Multifilament string.

Price: £30.00 per racket

yonex poly tour pro.jpg

Yonex Poly Tour Pro

Yonex poly tour offers offers control, spin potential and great durability. Suitable for aggressive, power hitters but still arm friendly as a softer poly. It gives a good control and softer feel but not the best for spin. Monofilament polyester string.

Price: £29.00 per racket


Head Sonic Pro

Head Sonic Pro offers great control and playability. It is a good overall sting but can lack a bit of control but with good durability. Created for club players but beginners. Co-polymer polyester string.

Price: £27.00 per racket


Head Synthetic Gut

Head Synthetic Gut offers a nice level of comfort and a lively feel for the club player. It offers good feel and comfortable power and can be used as part of a hybrid set. Solid core synthetic string

 Price: £26.00 per racket

Dropping off and picking up your racket

To drop and pick up a racket you can give it to one of the courses during your lesson or when they are at:

  •  Broomhall park tennis courts (Most days before 6pm)

  • White Waltham tennis courts (Sunday mornings)

  • Douai Park (Saturday morning and some early afternoons)

We also offer a racket and pick up and drop off service in the Sunningdale and Ascot area for £5. 

Re-gripping racket

Along with stringing rackets with offer re-grip your racket to improve the feel and grip on your racket

Over-grip (£2)

A thinner grip designed to go over the original grip to extend the grip's life. Best for players who sweat a lot and want to change their grip more frequently

Replacement grip (£4)

Designed to replace the original grip on the racket for a firmer and more secure feel. Despite being more expensive they are a more permanent solution .


Enquire about restringing

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting, please check your email for detials about dropping off racket


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